About CCC Line


According to Government sources, currently over 11 people die by suicide everyday in Sri Lanka. For every one person who dies by suicide, it can be said that there are many others who contemplate suicide or fail in their attempts. The ultimate aim of CCCline 1333 is to prevent suicide in Sri Lanka through education, engagement and empowerment to break the stigma attached to mental illness and some social issues.

“We believe that empowering people to come “Out of the Shadows” and talk about their problems is fundamental in reducing the burden of their problems and preventing suicide”

Since its inception in December 2009, CCCline 1333 has been steadily moving forward towards its goal of being a credible, accessible and most utilised telephone counselling service in Sri Lanka. CCCline 1333 is a confidential and free telephone counselling service to encourage people to talk about their problems whether they be personal, relationship or family issues, schools or work worries, mental illness or suicide thoughts.

CCCline’s 1333 short code number is a toll free number accessible to all people of Sri Lanka. The service currently averages over 2,000 calls every month and we estimate this number to increase to 3,500 calls in the month of September due to the 1333Bikeathon “Out of the Shadows” campaign.

CCCline 1333 Telephone Counsellors are trained under the guidance of Lifeline Australia, the largest telephone counselling service in Australia. The Telephone Counsellors provide their services in a voluntary capacity and is the lifeblood of our service.

All callers are treated with dignity and respect by the Telephone Counsellors, who listen and empower the callers to resolve their problems. If required, callers are also referred to other related services in their local area for further support.

CCCline 1333 was established by the Courage Compassion Commitment (CCC) Foundation in partnership with Lifeline in Australia and the National Institute of Mental Health in Angoda, Sri Lanka. CCC Foundation was established in 2003 with offices in Sri Lanka and Australia. CCC Foundation is a registered not for profit charitable organisation run by voluntary committees in Sri Lanka and Australia (Melbourne), where all funds raised goes directly to its projects.

Apart from its CCCline 1333 Telephone Counselling Service, CCC Foundation also established and manage CCChouse, a 194 bed transit home for outpatients with cancer and their carers at the premises of the National Cancer Institute Maharagama Sri Lanka. Anyone can visit the transit home and the Foundation is currently looking for supporters to sponsor a bed at CCChouse.

Donations to CCC Foundation are tax deductible in Sri Lanka and Australia. For more about CCC Foundation and its CCCline and CCChouse initiatives, visit www.cccfoundation.org.au.