Carmel Crawford

I’m Carmel Crawford, a mother, grandmother and humanitarian
I’ve had a connection with Sri Lanka since the late 1970s when I came to know and love much about this wonderful country leading up to 1984 when I travelled with my late husband to adopt our son from Colombo. While living there for several months we were fortunate to travel around this paradise island and see all its wonders – albeit, sadly while the country was experiencing a civil war. We met many people who shared their stories with us; very strong courageous resilient beautiful souls – Sri Lanka was firmly cemented in my heart forever
I have been very fortunate to visit and support several charities over the last 35 years. Adopting children from Sri Lanka and India I have seen firsthand the difference we can make when we take time to listen and give a little human kindness. Everyone has a story to tell and I believe time is the greatest gift we can give to one and other
Unfortunately, I witnessed firsthand a very close family member take their own life in 2010. There are so many emotional and complex challenges suicide brings, there is no “how to cope guide”. It is different for everyone, it is indeed a very sad and overwhelming time and not something you can put into words. I describe my personal journey as “one step at a time………”
2012 found me time looking to widen my charity work when I found CCC and travelled to Sri Lanka to visit the foundation, again in 2015, and most recently with my son in 2017
The ride to promote CCC line 1333 preventing suicide in Sri Lanka is a wonderful iniative. I am excitedly looking forward to participating as a volunteer later this year
Personally, I would love to bring mental illness and suicide out of darkness
Nothing in this world is more important than a human life and I am hopeful together we can save many
My dream is in the years to come, the word “suicide” will be lost forever
Please join me and help make my dream come true. See below link if you would like to sponsor this amazing cause
I know firsthand how far the money will go in supporting this much needed telephone counselling service
Thank you for your time