Jetha Devapura

Technology has seen exponential increase in the amount and speed of communication over the years. A message that took weeks to get to the other side of the world, now takes a click to send via email and social media. As electronic communication increases, we sadly witness in many cases a decline and breakdown in conventional face-to-face communication with the people closest to us – our neighbors, friends, and at times, even our families.

Effective communication is about simultaneously expressing oneself and been heard. Communication is fundamental as food and water is to our existence, and therefore plays a major role in our wellbeing.

As we know social stigma has placed barriers and fears on what we communicate, even at the cost to our own wellbeing and existence. So rigid and powerful are these barriers, that it is harming our families, our friends and our communities. Even at times resulting in suicide.

I’m not a bike rider, but I will take on the challenge to ride 1333Km’s around the precious island I grew up in. My challenge is nowhere near the challenges people face to simply express themselves and be heard. For these people are trapped in the social barriers they, and we have created through fear of the truth. The truth in this case is that everyone has the potential to fall, as much as the potential to rise. Creating an environment to openly communicate is fundamental in their healing and recovery.

CCCline1333 aims to create an environment to open communication so that people can develop the courage, compassion and commitment to see beyond their situation and the barriers they, and society has imposed on them.

The 1333 Bikeathon will not only inform those who are in need to call 1333, but also those who create these barriers to see the person and their silent cry for help.

My fuel for the 1333Km’s is my personal journey through mental illness. My joy will be to ride side by side with wonderful human beings and together help breakdown the barriers to encourage more people to express them selves and be heard…Communicate!

Please sponsor me so we can reach our fundraising target to keep the phone lines open at CCCline1333 for those going through crisis, or simply want to talk to someone about their problems. THANK YOU!