Shanith Muhandiramge


I began cycling regularly about two years ago. What commenced as a means of recovery from a life altering experience quickly evolved in to a passion. It is this passion for cycling that has led me to join the 1333 Bikeathon which for me is a personal challenge to prove to myself that I can accomplish anything I set my mind on. It is an added encouragement that my participation in this event would lead to the maintenance of the CCC line.

Through first hand experiences, I know that those are suffering with physical illnesses often find comfort and support through friends, family and other networks. Unfortunately those struggling with mental health related issues are often overlooked. Many people still view issues related to mental health as a personal shortfall or dismiss it as ‘just a phase’. This lamentable attitude leads to many who are in dire need of support, electing to suffer in silence or end their suffering by taking their own life rather than risk the ridicule, scorn or disdain that may accompany the admission of their state to another person.

This is why the CCC line is so important. It provides those who are experiencing the darkest moments in their lives someone to talk to, someone who can provide them with the support and guidance that they desperately need.

Therefore please take a moment to sponsor me to help achieve the fundraising target that will keep the 1333 line open. Your contribution will help save lives every day.

Please sponsor me so we can reach our fundraising target to keep the phone lines open at CCCline1333 for those going through crisis, or simply want to talk to someone about their problems. THANK YOU!