Steve Farrugia

Every person can reach a low point in their life. The sad reality is that some people feel they are alone when they reach this point and it can create a spiral towards even worse outcomes. The service provided by the CCCline provide that necessary, safe and compassionate ear to those in most need.

Having completed this event is 2014, I have seen firsthand how this cause make a direct impact in the wellbeing of lives indiscriminately. The event also attracts amazing, interesting and purposeful people which are lots of fun to work with. I will be completing the event on a motorbike to provide support to the riding crew and maximise CCC Line exposure. The target for the motor biking team is to apply CCCline sticker to every bus stop over the 1333km journey (Both sides of the road). This will help reach people that often spend time thinking while waiting for their daily transport.
Looking forward to another successful event.

Please sponsor me so we can reach our fundraising target to keep the phone lines open at CCCline1333 for those going through crisis, or simply want to talk to someone about their problems. THANK YOU!