Sudevan Nallathamby

Sri Lanka has the unenviable record of being ranked number 8 in the world for suicide (21.3 per 100,000 people [source]).  I am fortunate enough to live in Australia where we have the facilities for those in need to have the availability to talk to a counsellors and receive the help they require.  CCCline1333 has been set up in Sri Lanka as a first step to enable vulnerable people to seek assistance via an anonymous phone call.  Since its inception CCCline1333 has been able to save many lives.  I would like every Sri Lankan to firstly know that CCCline1333 exists and secondly have the courage to call it.

This year I will be joining in raising awareness and funding for the CCCline1333 by ride 1333km through and around Sri Lanka over 13 days.  This is an important part of the bringing awareness to the 1333 number so that the people know there is always help available.  Having been born there I am looking forward to seeing the country from a different perspective whilst making a difference to the lives of its people.

Please support me in this cause by giving generously.

Please sponsor me so we can reach our fundraising target to keep the phone lines open at CCCline 1333 for those going through crisis, or simply want to talk to someone about their problems. THANK YOU!