Suren Madanayake

CCC Foundation, stands on its three corner stones of Courage, Compassion and Commitment, and this is precisely why I will be attempting to ride the 1333km this September. I was amazed and in awe of the courage and the determination, of the 20 riders who completed the thirteen day journey in 2014, taking the message of CCCline to ensure we empower and encourage people to step “Out of the Shadows”. The impact and the change this made was evident in the increased number of calls soon after the Bikeathon on 2014.

Each increasing call, would and can only mean, we are a step closer in saving a life, and that is an amazing achievement.

CCC Foundation to me is a second home, where we have and continue to share a certain camaraderie and have become and expanded to a big family working towards and together; building bridges of hope. This unity was very much apparent in all those who rode last year, the companionship, the tenacious quality with which they completed the journey was truly inspiring.

I look forward to join and be part and parcel of this astounding task. I do not say it loosely, I am aware of the physical limits to which this ride will push me, but I bare in mind, the power of our message as we go from town to town, gathering people, and planting seeds of hope, and letting them know, we can help.

Please sponsor me so we can reach our fundraising target to keep the phone lines open at CCCline1333 for those going through crisis, or simply want to talk to someone about their problems. THANK YOU!