Vishan Seneviratne

My name is Vishan Seneviratne and I am 50 years old. My passion for cycling began in my youth. When I was a boy, my father never supported my desire to learn swimming. Eventually, after many arguments and much pestering, he eventually agreed with me on this. My father would pay for swimming lessons for my brother and I, however it was my responsibility to get us there.

The swimming pool was over 10 kilometers away, and so every day after school, I would sit my brother on the handlebars of my rickety old bicycle and cycle the 20 kilometers there and back.

It was from here that my passion for cycling was born.

For me, cycling has always been there as a way for me to help myself. With the 1333 Bikeathon, I look forward to using my passion to help others. In life, cycling has been a way for me to cope with the struggles I have encountered.